BBWs Humiliate Men with Tiny Dicks

huge tits bbw with a whipBBW women are natural size queens. They love doing humiliation and SPH on cam. And we’ve got fat women galore waiting in chat rooms all day every day just dying to laugh at your pathetic little dick, your fat balding ass, your pathetic obsequiousness.


I have ample experience with their ample experience and I would know. They love shaming losers with little dicks, and they do it on cam as good as any other type of woman. I don’t know about you, but fat women fuck the best. They’ve got the prettiest pussies and they fuck the best. In general terms – not all of them obviously. They’re arguable the kinkiest. They’ve got the biggest capacity for being dominating and cruel. Again, arguably. Which makes fat women very popular and appealing – and very good at small penis humiliation and other humiliation kinks.

fat black woman holding up handcuffsHere are several of my favorite BBWs for SPH and webcam humiliation. They’re practiced and talented at being doms, mistresses, and general all-around cruel women.

Take note of Bella. She’s a huge boobs BBW with an utterly adorable and very large ass that is a pleasure to jack off to. She’s a mean mistress BBW and she thrives cockteasing then humiliating pencil dicks in cam to cam. If it seems unfair that she’ll get your dick hard just so she can ridicule it you should get over it because that’s her way. She’s pretty in the same way people think snakes are pretty, by which I mean she’s crueler than she is hot as hell.

big tits bbw dominatrixTop 3 reasons you’ll have a great time being humiliated by a BBW on cam.

1) BBW’s get into SPH. The one’s I’ve met for a session have been 100% mean as fuck doing humiliation. They’ll humiliate your little cock and balls like you’ve never had it. You might think that you’re ready – you’re not. If you meet a proper BBW humiliatrix for live SPH and get put through her paces there’s a realistic chance she’ll make you cry. I’ve seen it happen.

2) BBW’s love the cock. Just not small cocks. They get personally insulted when presented with a tiny penis and will treat you accordingly.

3) BBWs get off cockteasing. You will likely have very little problem getting your tiny dick hard for our fat women. They love showing off their monster tits and huge asses.

bbw carries whipMilfa is a shameless hussy of a BBW humiliatrix. She’s got a great chubby body and she rocks her fat ass and huge tits willingly. There’s no shame in her game, unless you’re talking about her small penis humiliation game, which has tons of shame, but only for you. She does live SPH and she cuckolds and she sissy trains and she drains pay pigs. She runs the femdom game like a pro, and if you’re a submissive man looking for some mental pain, then she’s live and ready to fuck you like a $20 street whore.

Maybe you’ll find it out the same. BBWs and fat women are the meanest women on cams for humiliation fetish and just about our favorites at A little rarer perhaps than say a mistress milf who pounds sissy asses so hard that your nuts slap your thighs, but definitely more on the wicked end of the spectrum.

busty black bbw humiliation camAll the cam girls are rated and reviews by members. You know the score there. Search “SPH” and you’ll find a fat woman for it fast. Start with my top two and those two alone will have you stitched in shame for your tiny humiliating cock. Be ready to jerk off on command and cum when she says so, because bossy BBWs are known for being boss bitches.

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