Cuckold Humiliation

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Cuckold humiliation webcams or in other words meet a dominant woman on cam for femdom roleplay. Meet the right mistress online for cuckolding, humiliation and SPH and act out your porniest, dirtiest, nastiest femdom fantasy with the woman of your dreams! Meet mistresses on webcams for cuckolding and live humiliation, get drained like a slave, tasked like a loser and taunted like a ex in private, cam to cam femdom chat sessions.

strapon dominatrix cucks and fucks subsI love mean women as much as any man alive and it gets me tingling when a cruel hottie sets her sights on me.Cuckoldresses come in a variety of flavors. More than Baskin Robbins and more than jelly beans! From cuckold princesses to hot wives to live humiliatrixes amateur acting out sluts and cuck mistresses who’ll drive you wild with lust and deny you even the simple pleasure of jacking off for tits and ass.

Here’s a selection and some notes about the best cuckold mistresses I’ve met for a private session. They have consistently drained me and put me in mental pain. You’ll find their reviews and ratings by clicking the link and going to their own personal femdom webcam room for humiliating cuckold sessions. All of them have a selection of sexy pictures and most of them have some dirty videos uploaded for your delectation.

Goddess Blonde Cuckold Domme

Lovely blonde femdom goddess Luna is live for T&D, domination, SPH, findom. She’s a multi-talented webcam mistress and she’s on her cam like bait luring losers and slaves into the bear trap of her really fucking hot fetish chat sessions. Whatever your fetish, she likely practices is. That is, if your fetish involved femdom and humiliation, because those are her thang. She’s naturally dominant and really, just downright mean. You know the type if you’ve existed more than a summer – women who like in when men are in pain, and like it better when it’s them who caused it.

punishing mistress cuckolds subRight, down to business. Mistress Luna is 25 years old and she loves to fuck. No, she doesn’t want to fuck you, rather actual men, not tiny dick losers who get off when women humiliated and cuckold them, so definitely not you, loser. Cuckold femdom is her favorite kink and she’s online and ready to ream you hard. She’ll taunt your with her big nippled tits and rock hard abs, her hot ass and her beautiful blonde face. It’s all in the game and rest assured that she’s as mean as women are made, and this woman makes me think that that’s somewhere near hell because she’s the devil herself. She’s pretty fucking hot. Very fucking hot. Tall, toned, long-legged, pretty and pretty dominant. She’ll fuck with your head, and likely your heart as well. Her method is two-fold: make them love you, then make them hurt.

Luna is live for cuckold humiliation and SPH in private chat sessions. Check out her profile for more of her kinks, but as I said if you’re into getting humiliated, being controlled, cockteased and suffering, she’s likely game for whatever fucked up kink you have in mind. She’s just that kind of woman 🙂

ebony mistress sits on sub faceIf you’re the kind of guy who doesn’t know what the fuck is happening in this life then I suggest a sexually charged fetish session with a dominant woman to set you on the path. Cuckolding is a secret fantasy of a lot more men that you’d expect, and there’s something so powerfully sexually about abandoning your will to a mistress. I know that probably sounds ridiculous but if you find the right humiliation mistress or cuckoldrix then it will operate much like therapy sessions. Obviously picking the right dominatrix is key here, but with 100’s of sexy, talented femdom women online 24/7 and 365 you’re choice is optimized. Note as well that all of our webcam women are rated and reviewed by other members, and femdom-style photos and cuckold videos are available for your viewing/jacking pleasure as well. And it doesn’t even matter if you’re bored with your job, your wife, your house, car, and the USA, in the end it’s femdom humiliation women on cams who’ve got your back for all the dirty stuff you’re fantasizing about!

Kinky Ms November femdom mistress Adrianna thrives like wildfire in the dry season cuckolding men on cam and making slaves suck her fat strapon dildo and watch while she fucks her hung stud boyfriend on cam. That’s right – this one lets you watch her fuck. You’ll just have to perform like a Roman slave to earn the privilege, suck her silicone cock, clean up her messes, properly prostrate yourself while she humiliates you, lick her toilet, scrub her floors, and expose yourself to numerous and myriad depredations and humiliations, and in the end your reward is getting to watch her fuck a real man. And the next time you’ll have to prove yourself all over again to earn the pleasure, and believe me it isn’t handed out sweetly.

kinky cruel dominatrixes whips cuckold assShe’s a natural cuckoldrix and man does she get off on it. She does cam to cam femdom sessions and she gets deep into the humiliation kink. Adrianna does femdom roleplay in private webcam sessions. You know what that means. Get ready for your dirty holes to be fucked like perpetual sluts by this otherworldly kinky webcam cuckoldrix. She does cuckold humiliation cam sessions. She loves sissy training. Small penis humiliation is at the heart of her dirty little desires. And I think she came when she was whipping my flabby ass (I don’t think I even misbehaved; she just likes to punish) with a riding crop.

Mistress Molly is a semi-hippie slut with a mean streak, long hippie hair, big heavy hangers, and a yen for cockteasing, cuckolding, and humiliating submissive men in private femdom webcam sessions. She’s came at me like a Yogi in our first femdom session, but then she tightened up and got more than a little mean. She definitely loves to cocktease. Don’t let her peace and love fool you – she’s a punishing cuckold mistress. Hippie women always reveal themselves to be bombastic bitches in the end, and Molly is no exception. She likes to laugh at small cocks (even though I didn’t request SPH, she still laughed at my cock size :() and she does that with aplomb as well as online cuckolding, financial domination, sissy training, you name it, if it revolves around femdom, this hardcore hippie mistress revolves around it like a hula hoop.

bbw dominatrix cucks sub I think I muttered to myself “Jesus christ” when I first saw this one. Meet teen femdom dominatrix Melissa. You’ll note I am quite sure her pretty blonde face, and then if not before, her huge tits. She’s got an ass to boot and this lovely 19 year old cuckoldrix is on cam for tons of dirty, flirty femdom headfucking fetish stuff. She does cam to cam sessions and she likes to get wild. She’s got a dirty mind that finds release in her outrageously dirty mouth. If there’s ever been a woman who I thought was faking sweet and nice for the crowd then it’s Melissa. She’s just naturally dominant and dirty as fuck, which is an excellent dichotomy because she looks and acts at first like she’s made entirely of sweet cream.

Femdom humiliation on cam is her general specialty. She’ll humiliate you for having a tiny cock, balding, fat ass, lumpy, stiff. Believe me she’ll find something. She’s clever and cruel. She likes it – practicing live humiliation and fucking with submissive male heads. Meet her online for a femdom sex chat in private and she’ll make your balls ache, like she would literally if she could only get her hot little hands on you. You’ll like it – suffering for her, if you like suffering. If you’re a pain-seeking submissive man you’ll love it. She does all types of femdom fetishes online – a real pro, and experienced despite her age. And if you’re an alpha looking to unwind by having your cock and balls relentlessly teased and tormented by a pretty, big titty 19 year old blonde with just the sweetest smile you’ve ever seen, then step right up for Mistress Melissa.

Cruel, Petite, Very Sweet Cuckoldrix

redhead dominatrix cuckolding subs and she loves itMiss Drew is as cruel as she is sexy and I’d bet you wouldn’t even know if you met her in the world because she’s so sweet. She does cam to cam small penis humiliation and she’ll truly cuckold you like a loser, because she thinks that you’re a loser. She’s deeply sadistic, but she hides it behind sex appeal, which she’s got in spades. Your part in this roleplay is Goliath to her pretty porcelain princess, and I think you know that a princess is quite a femdom mistress. Drew enjoys toying with and taunting losers with tiny cocks, bald head, fat fucking asses, anything her devious little mind can latch on to to cuckold you like a loser will be latched on to.

Drew enjoys digging in nails and setting bait and hooking subs, slaves and suckers to treat her like queen while she laughs in your face. She gives great cuckold humiliation cam shows, she gets deep into it, and if she’s got her wiles working right then you’ll really suffer. One of the best if not the best thing about Drew is the way she gives one-hundred percent when it comes to cuckolding her online boyfriends and laughing at her pencil dick slaves. She’s a top femdom webcam mistress with 5 stars voted from members, and you should be lucky to be punished by her.

big titty cuckold mistress humiliates slaveHot ass tattooed camgirl Betsy is into nihilism and you know she’s not going to have a sense of humor about controlling her cuckolded lovers. She’s online taking applications to lick her ass and get your face walked on while she fucks real men and tells you all of her bull-fucking adventures. Betsy’s 29 years old and she’s got and ass that’d make an Instagram model tune up her photoshop to copy. Betsy’s a bad ass cuckold cam girl and she’s got a weird, wild and dirty streak that’ll make you love her. She’ll ream you hard, ram you like her bull rams her, and she’ll make you cum hard if you get off on being tortured. Sign up for a cuckolding humiliation chat session with this dirty demoness and she’ll make you love her while she fucks you hard.

Becky specializes in ex-boyfriend role play. It’s one of the best, and this chick is a real actress. She’ll make you feel it in your tiny little dick how hard and huge of a cock her ex had. All the fucking they did. Like animals! You can’t make her cum that way, and she’ll get you hard playing with her tits at ass, spreading wide and showing off her pretty pussy while she fingers herself and screams her exes name in between laughing at your tiny little dick.

Cuckold Femdom Cams: Methods

slave training mistress degrades slaveHot wife cams are a particular favorite of both chat hosts and members. Some reason these femdom women just get off by getting dudes horny and stiff-cocked and then making them sit on their hands while the bull comes into the scene and really nails her good. She’s moaning and gasping and looking right in the cam at you while she’s getting fucked. You can only dream of your actual wife being as slutty dominant and mean as our webcam femdom women get. I put my hand on my dick in cam to cam once, which was against the rules, and this mistress just lit into me. Every insult you can think of, then she shut off the chat and banned me for a week. I basically had to beg to get back in her good graces.

Most cuckold webcam women have a bull on command ready to rail them like a locomotive. Your portion of this femdom role play is biting your knuckle and holding your tongue because you’re here to get fucked like a dirty little sub slut and not get the fucking.

She fucks your face with her pussy in live chat. She rides your tongue like a cock, and it’d better be hard. Cuckold mistresses like the hard stuff and they come on strong with the head game. Straddling faces with thighs and forcing her gash in your mouth while she talks about all the BBC that’s been in her pussy. All the dirty stuff that you get from her.

mistress chokes sub with strap on cockPegging and doesn’t her strapon fit her wide hips nicely. Femdom women online and grinding submissive ass, yanking on hair and spanking fat asses. And fantasy you please is available with these kinkiest of women, because the ones that wear a strapon well and drive it home hard are just the dirtiest and most dominant. She’ll face fuck you until you gag then make you bite the pillow and pound her BBC silicone cock into your hole like a Johnny Sins on a ingenue.

Whatever your poison there’s a webcam woman willing to fuck you that away, believe me. Check out the link – it’s direct to 100’s of femdom and cuckolding webcams where you can meet the mistress of your dreams, and get used, tortured and abused by a real woman!


Jerk Off Humiliation

Hot ass camgirl Molly Space is on her cam for dirty jerk off humiliation. She does SPH JOI in cam to cam.

Molly is naturally kinky and viciously dominant. She’s a certified porn actress with a ton of sexual talent. She loves doing and fetish and femdom and humiliation on cam. She’s about as dirty as they come. And definitely one of the dirtiest SPH camgirls I’ve focused on her at

She’s seeking jerk off slaves for webcam SPH and cam to cam JOI humiliation. She does private sessions. Just you and her.

Molly is all mistress – smart, super sexy, and cruel as hell. She’s all femdom and all kink.

joi humiliation cam girl

Molly Space

She’s got such a hot body. You’re going be sawing at your dick like a madman when she starts stripteasing. I love her ass, I adored her tits, and I jerked off like crazy to her webcam humiliation sessions.


MOLLYSPACE TAUNTS your COCK while you JERK OFF for her TITS in Jerk Off Humiliation Webcam Sessions.

She’s a pretty 25 year old with a toned ass and C cups. Under 100 pounds of humliatrix devastation.

Molly’s a surprise pervert and she really doesn’t look like the dominant domme that she really is. That’s one of her attractions I think. She’ll shock you doing live small cock humiliation with the depths of her hardcore.

molly space cam

SPH Loser Webcam

Big boobs dominatrix Shezel does SPH loser webcam sessions in which she taunts her hapless chat partners about their (your) inadequate cock size.

She’s a natural domme, and more than a little cruel while she’s doing live humiliation and SPH. Actually she can be pretty viscious.

She’s the kind of woman who likes to ride faces and pound asses when she dominates. She does live domination, and she gets physical with it as well as mental.

Shezel gets off on teasing and denying, cuckolding and shaming you for having a little dick. And if you think online small penis humiliation is the only way she has of controlling you, think again.

sph loser webcam mistress


She’s outstandingly sexual and she’s into a ton of different kinks. And sexuality to this mistress = domination.


I haven’t met yet the mistress yet who enjoys doing SPH loser webcam sessions more than Shezel. Just the kinky dominant woman in her.

You should feel fortunate that this hottie would even look at your little dick. She’s one of the hottest dommes I’ve featured yet here at Even if it’s only to humiliate you for having a little dick, you’re lucky this one will give it to you.

She’s got a pornstar body. Big, heavy boobs. An ass that make you dream for days. And a thin waist. She got a department-store mannequin body, and that’s by all means a compliment.

shezel liveShe’s prettier than a pornstar, though. She’s got a classy quality. Another reason she’s too good for you. As if your tiny cock wasn’t enough. She’s a classic beauty with a perfect body and a dirty mind.

She’s an exhibitionist: her perfect tits, ass and gash to jerk it to while you get humiliated on cam for having a wee willie.

Her Fetishes: She does live SPH loser cam sessions. She does jerk off humiliation in private. She does femdom roleplay, financial domination. She’s excellent at tease and denial and orgasm control, and she’ll cuckold better than your wife does.


BBW Humiliation Cam

Big assed and busty, BBW humiliation cam girl JolenSmith does fat girl SPH JOI in cam to cam. She’ll laugh at your tiny dick while you’re jerking it for her 51 inch ass.

JolenSmith really does seem to get off doing live small dick humiliation. She’s a total flirt, but she’s got a cruel streak. She knows that her huge ass and monster tits are hypnotic, and you’re gonna be jerking like a crazed fool when she starts getting down and getting naked.

She loves shaking ass and flashing tits and cockteasing in cam2cam while she LOLs at your pecker in very hot BBW SPH cam sessions.

bbw humiliation cam girl

Jolen Smith

If you’re into big women with big boobs and big asses and dirty minds you’e going to absolutely love BBW humiliation cam girl Jolen Smith. She’s dirty sweet and ready to role. She’s one of my favorite fat girls for webcam humiliation here at

Sexy BBW JOLEN ABUSES your TINY COCK & HUMILIATES YOU in Private Chat Sessions!

She’s a sexy thing with that aforementioned 51 inch ass. And and absolute monster set of tits. You’ll be jerking like a madman when she starts teasing her good, and gives you a utterly wild and live BBW SPH JOI cam show.

Jolen loves it when you worship her. Kiss her ass quite literally and suck on her toes, too. She likes humiliating you on cam and doing hot live BBW small dick humiliation in chat while you kiss her massive ass. She’ll make you, or you can do it voluntarily. Either way, your ass is grass.

jolen smithh webcamSexy BBW humiliation webcam mistress JolenSmith is up for a variety of fetishes in her chatroom. BBW SPH is a favorite of this sexy thickster. Jerk off instructions in chat is another. And of course – ASS WORSHIP! And that’s a ton of ass to kiss! She does most varieties of femdom as well, including findom, cuckolding, CEI.

Jolen is a wild one, and very popular with members for her sex appeal and down-and-dirty mind. Meet her on cam for a private small dick humiliation chat session and she’ll have you sawing on your tiny cock! And of course, you can always find MORE KINKY WOMEN ONLINE NOW for LIVE HUMILIATION SHOWS!

Hot Blonde SPH Humiliation Cam

Brutally sexy blonde CharmingKristin is live for SPH humiliation cam sessions. She’s supermodel pretty with a very nice body. She’s got the dirty mind to make her SPH webcam sessions hot as hell.

She does switch and she’ll do sub, but that’s all play because domination is her nature. The heartless kind of vixen perfect for webcam small dick humiliation without even knowing it because she’s so naturally mean.

blonde sph humiliation cam girl

Charming Kristin

Kinky pretty camgirl Charming Kristin is up for a varied fetishes. Live small dick humiliation is one of her favorites (she really seems to enjoy laughing at tiny dicks in cam to cam, lol), and she does humiliating live jerk off instructions (because she’ll LOL while you jack it, loser!), findom, squirting.

Wicked Blonde KRISTIN HUMILIATES LOSERS in CAM2CAM Heartless vixen seeks tiny dick men for webcam small dick humiliation.

She has ample sexual attitude and she enjoy being the boss. Live SPH fetish sessions with Kristin are perfect for small dick slaves and subs.

She’s a hot find for all you humiliation chat lovers. Super sexy blonde with a mean streak, B cups and long legs. Too hot for you and any other man, but especially too beautiful for the small penis losers she loves humiliating.

charming kristin liveShe does private SPH humiliation cam sessions for tiny dick men who need a cruel woman to cum. She’s one of the meanest women I’ve featured here at – just brutal.

She’s naturally arrogant, so don’t be surprised when she lets you have it. I’d say that Charming Kristin is for the man who has experience in getting SPH fetish on webcam, and not for the first-timer. She’s just too mean at it, too cruel – but suffice you want it full-bore from a wild webcam humiliatrix and debaser, then Kristin is quite proper for you!

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