Cruel Camgirl Small Cock Humiliation Cam

Flash your pathetic small penis in cam to cam for cruel camgirl Miana Amore and you’ll truly understand how mean a woman can get. She does hot live SPH webcam sessions and she’s looking for pencil dick to LOL at in cam to cam.

She’ll shame you like an absolute loser for your embarrasing little dick. She starts in instantly – as soon as you drop your pants! She’ll shame you while your soft and laugh at you when you get hard. But then she really gets off on humiliation JOI and laughing at you while you jerk off for her!

  • Age: 27
  • Cup Size: C
  • Ass Size: Medium
  • Eye Color: Green
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Hair Length: Long
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Build: Slim

Miana is a sexy thing with a great ass and great tits. She’s a pretty camgirl and doesn’t look quite as cruel as she really is. I tell you, her SPH webcam sessions are long and intense. She’ll have you exhausted once she gets her hot little hands on you for small cock humiliation cam sessions. They’re incredible!

small cock humiliation cam girl

Miana Amore

She’s got a long list of kinks and she likes doing fetish and small cock humiliation live. You can expect from her:

  • Stripteasing – actually more like tease and denial if you’ve got a small dick!
  • Jerk Off Instructions – Live JOI is one of her favorite fetishes.
  • Face Sitting – she straddles your face, and smothers you until you beg (either for submission, or for more!

Meet More Live Women for Humiliation and Femdom in Cam to Cam

That’s just several of her quality kink sessions, but believe me she’s got tons!

miana amore camVisit Miana on cam for live humiliation webcam sessions and she’ll ride you wild. You won’t get your loser small penis shamed quite as hard as you will from this cruel and kinky camgirl. She’s well-loved by members and here at for both her SPH fetish sessions, and especially her humiliation JOI cam chats. Either way, anything you get with her will be outstanding, and you’re gonna absolutely love chatting with her.

Mistress Humiliation

Mistress Humiliation

Meet these cruel women on cam for mistress humiliation. Here at I enjoy posting to my SPH blog about the best camgirls I meet for live fetish sex, hot femdom chat, and in particular webcam humiliation. I suffered under their hot hands, so you get to as well!

My top 5 mistresses online specializing in femdom humiliation in cam to cam will serve the submissive man well. If you’ve got a pain fetish, they’ll deliver the hurt for you. If you’re a slave looking for a hot domme, they’ll train you to serve. And if you’ve got a tiny dick and you’re aching for a humiliatrix for live SPH, they’ll laugh all day long at your pathetic small cock.

All 5 are talented in femdom and do very well humiliating men on cam. Meet them in C2C and in private and they’ll fuck you like the fantasy live mistress you’ve been aching to meet!

Domme Humiliation

Queen Amy is the queen of humiliating losers on webcam. She’s one of our favorites! Pain-seeking submissives and little dick losers with a fetish for being humiliated on cam love this live domme. She’s hot as hell, and very cruel doing live mistress humiliation.

humiliation domme

Queen Amy

QueenAmy humiliates and trains slaves in cam to cam. She provides a male slave with the opportunity to get serve her, while being dominated, used and abused, teased and denied by a real mistress. She’s naturally dominant, and humiliating you on cam is in her nature. She’s just mean like that! She does has a long-list of femdom scenarios to practice with you, or on you.

queen amy camWhen you meet Queen Amy online for a live humiliatrix mistress session, you’d best come prepared to grovel and suffer. She feeds on your mental pain, and it gets her off. She offers various types of humiliation webcam sessions – SPH, foot , slave and sissy training. She’s a talented live humiliatrix, and you’ll have a ton of fun with this hardcore femdom hottie.

Her best sessions: where you’re totally subservient and lavish her with praise while she laughs at your dick size. Where you kiss her ass even though she’s whipping yours. Where she trains you sissy and humps you like a slut. Meet Amy On Cam HERE for LIVE SPH

Tease & Denial Humiliatrix

Sweet ass Catalina Jolie is a hardcore humiliatrix. Real life – she lives it 24/7. You’d better be ready, because her mistress humiliation webcam sessions are intense, and hot as hell. You’ll note that she’s obviously sexy, with perfect D cups and a great ass. That pretty face twists into a cruel smile when she’s humiliating slaves on cam.

tease denial humiliatrix

Catalina Jolie

Catalina Jolie is a webcam slave humiliatrix, cocktease, small cock humiliator, mental and physical live mistress. She has a fetish for just about everything femdom, and an attitude you’re going to love. She gives 100% in small cock shaming chat sessions, and she loves what she does. She’s the bombshell femdom mistress you’ve been looking for to humiliate your small cock, and she’ll train you like a slave to serve her.

CatalinaJolie is incredibly sexy. She’s got a fantastic body and she’s an incredible cocktease. I swear your dick is gonna get swollen like a log when she starts stripping and showing. But she’s a CFNM mistress, so you won’t get the full package. Just enough to get you hard so she can deny you, which is absolutely assured.

Catalina Jolie camHer webcam humiliatrix sessions are extensive. She’ll train you and dominate you, cocktease and ridicule you. Don’t just take my word for it – the reviews for her cam is fantastic, in particular for her humiliation mistress sessions, because her balls are brass, and they are big.

Her fav kinks: Teasing you hard and not letting you jerk off, watching you suffer, making you kiss her feet, then trampling your balls. Join Catalina here for a HOT Sex Chat

Slave Humiliation Mistress

Sweet blonde cam girl LacyLarue doesn’t look like a proper mistress for webcam humiliation, but damn is she effective at humiliating slaves and subs in cam to cam. Her sweet-as-sugar looks sure will fool you, but once this woman has her hot hands on you, you’ll learn fast that you have to be obedient and submissive because she’s assuredly in charge.

slave humiliation mistress

Lacy Larue

Lacy Larue does private femdom fetish sessions in cam to cam and she specializes in mistress humiliation and the domination of slaves. If you’re looking for a hot, cruel, and beautiful webcam mistress, she should be at the top of your list. I know she’s at the top of mine!

lacy larue liveLacyLarue is a member favorite and has a long list of slaves serving her. But a slave humiliation mistress like her is the greedy sort, and she can rarely have too many subs to torment. Lacy is online looking for more and more slaves! This is where you come in. Are you looking for a 5 star camgirl for webcam SPH? Step right up to Lacy. She’ll fuck you good and hard.

Her Favorites: Humiliating slaves, laughing at small cocks, draining pay pigs. Sweet Lacy Gets Cruel on Cam HERE

Financial Humiliation Cam

Crazy beautiful camgirl OneGreatDiva does hot live humiliation chat sessions. God lord is she lustable. She’s model-pretty with huge DDs and a great ass. You might have never been the slave of a mistress humiliatrix this hot before. If you’re looking for a total hot ass dominatrix for humiliating SPH sessions, you have to meet her for a private. She’s ethereal.

financial humiliatrix live

One Great Diva

One Great Diva is naturally dominant and only does femdom and humiliation fetish online. She doesn’t play or switch like she’s a sub. Her nature is naturally dominant. She gets off doing SPH on cam, and is fantastic as a slave mistress, talented as a sissy training, but her bread and butter is financial domination. She’ll fuck your sissy ass, make you serve like a slave, and make you tribute her regularly for those pleasures.

one great diva liveAs a humiliation mistress OneGreatDiva is superior. She doesn’t need to scream and shout to make you submit; her ample sex appeal and sexual wiles will do the trick. If you’re suspicious you just have to give her a try. I thought myself immune to a certain extent to being humiliated on cam due to experience, but she proved me wrong, and I have to say it was exhilerating to let go like that and be under her total control.

Her kinks: Gets off financially humiliating slaves, making subs worship her feet and trampling balls and face. Enjoys power, and abusing it. This DIVA is Online HERE for Hot Chats!

Hardcore Humiliation Mistress

Hardcore humiliation mistress Daryana does cam to cam femdom headfucking, pain and punishment, and anything else her devious little mind can think of to torment you in cam to cam humiliatrix chat sessions.

hardcore humiliation mistress


Submit to her in C2C and she’ll fuck you good and hard and do live humiliatrix femdom you that you won’t soon forget, or get over fast. She more like a wife than a camgirl – and she’ll fuck you long term like a wife. She’ll fuck you up just like your wife used to, before she ran off with a better, bigger man.

daryana camDaryana bread her butter by humiliating slaves in cam to cam. She’s got a wide lane of kinky stuff she’s interested in, humiliating webcam femdom being her speciality. Daryana has an evil mind. And a strapon, too – if her wicked brain isn’t enough to fuck you over with. But it probably will be.

She gets her kicks by: CEI – she likes making you get really dirty to please her. Spanking your ass, turning you sissy, fucking you with her strapon. Basically all the dirty stuff a dirty girl like her does to humiliate slaves on cam.

Blonde Humiliation

SPH cam girl TaniaBeauty is online for live blonde humiliation.

She’s a gorgeous blonde with a sweet smile, sweet body, sweet face – and evily dirty mind that’s just perfect for live small penis humiliation.

We love the way she humiliated us on cam. Very hot and verbal. Here at we adored her dedication to the femdom arts. She gets mean and degrading. and made us lose all composure and control.

Here’s what you can expect when you chat with Tania:

  • Teasing humiliation – She enjoys showing off her incredible body in panties, lingerie, latex.
  • JOI – live jerk off instructions with Tania are full-bore, and can be humiliating if you’re packing a weak dick.
  • SPH – no shrimp dicks for this mistress. She’s a size queen!
  • Domination – she likes sub guys. Make sure you worship her, too!

Is it in? Mistress Tania demands a man with a big cock. Because she deserves it, and even though she’s extremely tight, 8 inches fits just right. She’ll settle for 7 inches if you’re rich. Show her that you’ve got less  and she’ll laugh like hell at your weak thing in her humiliation chat room. Less than 7 get scoffed at and laughed at. There will be no questions of Is It In? with Tania, because she’s got a higher standard than that!

This ravishing fetish camgirl enjoys degrading small dick men in live SPH chat sessions. She likes doing it and she’s good at it, too. Not necessarily because she’s cruel and haughty, but definitely because she’s cruel and haughty.

blonde humiliation cam

Tania Beauty

Tania’s got the body of a goddess. She’ll get your pathetic small penis rarin to go. B cups and long legs. An ass that’ll melt steel beams. Like a good little puppy you’ll be required to jack off like crazy to amuse her while she humiliated you on cam, but it won’t be much of a matter getting stroking when this hottie starts stripping.

Submit Your Small Cock for Her Inspection in Cam to Cam

tania beauty camShe does humiliation webcam sessions. She’s got some expectations for her chat partners. Must be willing to flash your small cock unashamed in SPH femdom webcam sessions. She’ll do that shaming for you. No need in beating yourself up, because she’s got that handled.

SPH Chat Sex

Sweet redhead teaser Lizzie Dahl is online for SPH chat sex. Lizzie is one of my favorites for live small penis humiliation, and she’ll probably be one of yours, too. She’s so sexy it hurts. Imagine this beautiful, 26 year old redhead camgirl with the prettiest body you’ve ever seen laughing and giggling at you when you show your tiny dick on webcam! It’s sooo humiliating!

Rated ★★★★★ Her Highlights: Her sweet smile will make your dick twitch. She’s irrepressibly flirty and a total showoff. Surprisingly cruel doing SPH webcam sessions – she’s so sweet and good-natured, but the fangs come out!

Age: 26 | Cup Size: B
Ass Size: Taut, pretty great, like she does squats 🙂
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Red
Hair Length: Long
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Build: Athletic

In addition to SPH chat sex you can expect your session with Lizzie to involve tons of different fetishes:

  • Findom – She’ll make you her money slave and rob your wallet!
  • T&D – Lizzies a fantastic teaser, and even better denier!
  • Slave Training – you won’t find a hotter mistress for slaves.
lizzie dahl cam

Lizzie Dahl

She’s got sex appeal in spades and she’s a really chatty camgirl for SPH. Thing about Lizzie – you won’t expect her to be as cruel as she is laughing at your small cock on cam. She’s so nice and friendly that it’ll take you by surprise when she laughs at your cocksize and makes you stroke it just to amuse herself.

sph chat sex teaserLizzieDahls SPH chat – you can expect a ton of teasing and some reasonably cruel small cock humiliation on cam with Lizzie. She’s a sweet as sugar humiliation cam girl with a definite edge! Like one of those GFs you might have had, a couple of months in and her fangs come out. Lizzies fangs come out quick doing humiliation chat sex, believe me!

Get HUMILIATED on Webcam! Pretty redhead LIZZIE will LAUGH at Ur PATHETIC Lil Dick in Cam to Cam!

She’ll make you love her. She’s sorta a switch, and while she says she does sub stuff, I only visited her for fetish and femdom and for her webcam humiliation, and that told me all I needed to know about her talent for cam girl SPH. Lizzie made me cum, come back for more, and cum again laughing at my tiny cock!

SPH Domme Chat

Toned, athletic SPH domme DivineHellenX does small penis shaming sessions in cam to cam. She doesn’t fuck around doing femdom humiliation on cam. Cruel stuff. She’s a dominant hottie with a great body and wickedly mean-mistress personality. And she can probably physically overpower you, as well as mentally dominate you, which is, or should be, obvious.

Divine Hellen X does wicked SPH chat sessions. You have no idea how she’s gonna control you. Part of that – the shaming part she’s got down to a science. She’s verbal and creatively cruel. The names she’s got for your small cock! She enjoys watching intently while small penis losers masturbate for her hot ass in cam to cam. Live small penis humiliation is one of her favorite fetishes. I swear she gets horny humiliating losers. She humiliated me on webcam and I could tell she was getting wet.


sph dominatrix

Divine Hellen X

Rated ★★★★★ Her Highlights: She’s powerful both in body and brain. She’s a natural dominatrix and heartily cruel doing webcam humiliation. Clever, very sexy. She’ll make you jerk off in cam to cam and compare your dick size to objects. Pencils, batteries, that little Roku remote control, tuna cans.

Age: 23
Cup Size: C
Ass Size: Medium
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Length: Long
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Build: Curvy

CHAT with DivineHellen in Cam to Cam & Get HUMILIATED for your loser small cock!

divinehellenx camDivineHellenX is presently accepting applications online to be her slave and suffer humiliation on webcam. This sexy AF SPH domme avers that the only purpose in her slaves miserable lives is to make her happy. And causing you pain makes her happy! She does small cock humiliation webcam sessions, and has a long list of other perversions she enjoys: training sissies, taking tributes from paypigs, cuckolding small penis losers on cam, and many more fetishes, the list of which is frankly too long to list here.