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Dominatrixes and humiliatrixes want to hit your weak point fast and bring you down size so to speak. And every woman in the world knows that every man in the world is sensitive about the size of your penis. Even if you’re packing an 8 inch dick, there’s always other men out there with 9 inch dicks, and in comparison you’re smaller. After all, onces she’s experienced sex with a bigger dick than yours, everything else is a downgrade.

Now imagine what it’s like having an average-size dick, or worse – less than average. You know that every woman who’s been reasonably sexually active will likely have tons of experience with dicks bigger than yours.

SPH fetish is best experienced on webcam. If it’s something that you’re interested in, rest assured that there are many femdom women online for small penis humiliation. I look high and low for the best camgirls and mistresses for SPH and feature them here on this blog. Some of the commonalities I’ve found are that the women who do humiliation on cam generally really like doing it. Maybe they’re nice enough women in street life, but when you meet them online for an SPH session, they go balls to the wall and get cruel as hell. And they’re normally very verbal. Not shouters exactly, rather indisidiously insulting and adept at verbal humiliation.

small penis humiliation camgirlMistress Tiffany. I exposed this one guy on cam. He thought it would be funny, amusing himself I guess. He thought he was average. The dude I swear was 4 inches on a good day. He read somewhere, or got it from somewhere that a 4 inch cock was perfectly fine. So I had him show it to me. This guy just proudly pulled out his pathetic little dick with this stupid grin on his face. I imagine no one had had the heart to tell him before that he had a tiny fucking dick. Until me anyway. I put him through the fucking ringer. Started out just calling him mean names, but baby dick seemed to get to him a little so I went with that. My favorite is yelling at them for awhile, then making them jack off with there thumb and pinky while I yell at them some more. This guy, I think it finally dawned on him that I was serious as fucking hell when I said he had a short dick, and you could see that he was kind of crushed. Like he expected me to tell him that his shrivled up little toothpick of a cock was totally fine, and obviously I could’t do an SPH session with him. Fuck that. I crushed that losers soul.

And It won’t matter if you’re a submissive man or not. Once she gets done shaming your small penis, you’ll be a sub.

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There are many different facets of small penis humiliation. SPH mistresses are mainly highly verbal creatures with an assortment of cruel insults she’ll hurl in your face. She will probably have a litany of small cock insults at her beck and call. Words as mental devices and cudgels to shame you such as: pencil dick, the most obvious. Small cock …..

humiliation mistressOther methods you can surely expect:

  1.  Small dick comparison with inantimate objects. This one is popular. The mistress makes you hold things next to your dick and laughs when you don’t measure up. Have a tape-measure hand for your sessions, but other things are used to: such as toothpicks, keys, batteries. As in, “Your dick is only two batteries big, LOL!” About as many other objects as you can imagine are used for small penis comparison sessions. It won’t matter if you’re relatively long but thin, or short and stubby, believe me your mistress will find a way to shame you.small cock comparison
  2. Small penis shaming but comparison with big cocks. In that same sense, she will also show you pictures of men with big dick and tell you how you don’t measure up. The excruciating details about how your little dick equals a lack of manhood.
  3. Public Exposure. She’ll take a picture of your little dick and share it with all of her friends. Then she’ll read the list of comments they made about it back to you in your next session. One of the best SPH fetish sessions I’ve ever had was with a camgirl and several of her friends humiliating me all at once. You’ll be lucky to get that because mostly femdom webcam women work solo.
  4. Homework. She’ll make you walk around naked at the gym and expose your small penis. Nothing illegal mind you – only do this at the gym! Even the cruelest mistress won’t want you arrested for public indenceny. It’s indecent enough that you have an inadequate dick, loser, much less exposing it to the public at large!
  5. Cuckolding. Couples cams where the woman shows off her boyfriend/husbands big cock and makes you line your weak dick up next to it. Imagine how humiliating it is when this beautiful woman disparages your small cock, then double the humiliation when you’ve got concrete evidence right in your face that you pecker is way too small.sph cam girl
  6. Confession. She’ll make you out yourself as a small cock loser to your circle of friends, and report back to her the comments that you heard from them.
  7. JOI humiliation. She gives you jerk off instructions specifically designed for men with little dicks. Jerk it with your thumb and forefinger. Jack off with tweezers of needle-nose pliers wrapped around cloth. Masturbate to her instructions while she cackles with laughter on the other end of the cam, and shouts insults about your cock size, stamina, the stupid look on your face when you cum.
  8. Strapon SPH. If you don’t have enough of a cock to fuck her like a real man, then she’ll have to strapon and fuck you like one! Strapon SPH, or Sissy SPH is when you mistress wields her monster rubber cock and shows you how to fuck, so you’d better be prepped to bend your ass over for her.
  9. Shame Lists. I had the excruciating experience of one particular SPH mistress demanding that I submit a list to her of 10 men with bigger dicks than my own (which is a large universe) along with other attributes that made them more of a man than me. I was permitted 8 of 10 be male pornstars or other notable men, but the other two would have to be personal friends or the like. I had noted one man at the gym that I had once accidentally noticed that his dick was particularly large, in the 8 or 9 inch range, as well as being notably virile. I gave her my list of the 8 pro cocks, the one personally known to me, but lacked a 10th as it just wasn’t in my capability. How do you ask another man (when sober) how big his dick is? Mistress was harshly disappointed and punished me with a streaming 10 minutes of the vilest invectices you can imagine. At one point I cried I believe, but she plainly didn’t care about my feelings. Thing is, as a man, you are in large part, although not physically, but mentally, ego-wise, a cock. And if you’ve got a small cock, well then, you’re less of a man. That was her main point.sph group
  10. More Shame lists. I had another mistress who made me make a list of women who wouldn’t fuck me because I have a small cock. This list as well could be famous/celebrity women who’d mentioned in interviews that they were size queens (there are a suprising number of actresses who have said in actual interviews that they prefer men with big dicks). Mainly though my SPH mistress was interested in women who had personally rejected me after they found out that my dick was small. And there were a surprising number of them as well. I guess I’d sorta blocked them out, but mistress made me rehash the experiences, in excruciating detail, too.

camgirl sph
Is it in? Mistress Tyra even though she says that she’s, “very tight” personally prefers a man with a bigger dick, somewhere in the 8 inch range. “At least 7 1/2, but no bigger than 9″. Any bigger and it’s just too much. No one likes having her cervix pounded.” Trya does small penis humiliation on webcam with a variety of men, a mix of regulars, and when she gets bored she’ll take on new clients. “They have to be comfortable with me being dominant. As far as small penis humiliation, I can be pretty teasing about it, or just go outright hostile. It’s mostly up to the client. He can either tell me how he wants it, or usually I can just pick up on it and proceed from there. ” She says her favorite client is a man she used to day. “We did date briefly. It didn’t work out, but I liked him well enough. I had told him that I did cams, so he knew that. And once awhile after we broke up, he texted me out of the blue and wanted to meet me on cam. At first I was hesitant, because I’d never actually known a a client in real life and I wanted to keep that distance. But he asked pretty nicely. I was sort of surprised when he requested an SPH session. But he reminded me that once when we were dating, and I had asked him if it was in when we were fucking. He explained that he thought about it all the time and told me how horny it got him. So now that what we do – it’s weird, but I roleplay an actual dating experience that I had. I remind him about it, then list all the ways his tiny cock made me laugh.”

girlfriend sph

There are hundreds of women online for small dick humiliation at anyone time and I’ve set out to find the best humiliatrixes working today to feature them on this webcam humiliation blog. I think you’ll find a nice, wide selection of effective, cruel, and beautiful women for the live SPH chat session your looking for on here. I keep the site updated regularly, and I’m always on the lookout for new women to profile. Keep stopping back regularly, and I’m sure that you’ll find the perfect mistress for your own personal mistress.

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